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Ingredients (for 6):
40 Large uncooked shrimp
2 cups unsweetened coconut shavings (I’m particularly fond of red mill)
1/4 cup flax seed
1 tablespoon old bay
1 tsp fresh cracked pepper
3 egg whites

coconut oil for frying shrimp

Dipping sauce:

1/4 honey
2 tsp tamari soy sauce
1 tablespoon ground ginger 
2 tsp rice wine vinegar
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon chili paste
1/4 teaspoon salt

1. Deshell/devein shrimp and dry off. Put shrimp in egg whites with pepper

2. Mix coconut flakes, old bay, and flax seed in a bowl. 

3. Remove shrimp from egg white one at a time and coat in coconut mix. Set aside.

4. In a medium skillet bring coconut oil to frying temp at medium high heat. (You can test the temp by putting a shrimp in and listening for the crackle *technical term*)

5. Place shrimp in pan not touching one another. Flip once the coconut has browned, 1-3 minutes per side. 

Sauce Instructions:
mix all ingredients in small bowl and stir until smoothly textured. Add salt to taste and serve in small dipping bowl.

Eat and enjoy!

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Clean eating and gluten free — Ginger Citrus Cucumber Salad, Marsala Chickpea Quinoa, and Coconut Shrimp

Recipes to follow

Clean eating and gluten free — Ginger Citrus Cucumber Salad, Marsala Chickpea Quinoa, and Coconut Shrimp

Recipes to follow

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Because I mean seriously, if you don’t want to smother everything you eat/yourself in hummus… well really you are just missing out on the true meaning of life. 

Time: 15 Minutes

2 Large cans low sodium chickpeas/garbanzo beans
1 1/2 Lemons
1 TBS lime juice
4 Cloves of garlic (or less if you plan on interacting with humans)
2 TBS Tahini — Okay I will be honest I lived the struggle and could not find any tahini so instead I skipped olive oil and used sesame oil instead.
1 tsp cumin
Cayenne Pepper — to taste, of course!
Crushed black pepper - crack it until your hand gets sore.
1 tsp salt
1/3 cup olive oil — if you could find tahini

Put everything in a blender until fully mixed… that’s it! Serve with sliced veggies, almond crisps, or rice crackers!


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Made this up on the fly before class and was pleasantly surprised. Will serve 1 as a meal, or 2 as a side. 

Marinade Ingredients:
Cup of extra firm cubed tofu
1/2 Cup mushrooms (I used baby bella, but you can use whatever you fancy or have) 
2 TBS ground ginger
2 TBS Sesame Oil
1 TBS fennel seeds
1/2 Large orange of juice 
1/2 TBS Lime Juice
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder

Stir fry ingredients (aka everything else): 
1/2 cup prepared brown rice
1/2 cup arugula & spinach - fresh
Crushed red pepper

1. In a medium bowl mix tofu, mushrooms, ginger (I get the tubed sort from the fresh herb section at publix/walmart), oil, fennel seeds, orange juice, and lime juice together.

2. Add salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder to taste. I generally go about a tablespoon of onion powder and 1/2 tbs of garlic powder per serving. 

3. Allow to marinate for at least 15 minutes and up to 90 minutes. 

4. After marinated cook the mushroom tofu mixture for 5-10 minutes in a medium pan, until juices cook down. (Note: if you prefer “crunchy” tofu allow to cook for longer until at the texture you desire, but this is supposed to be “quick”)

5. Add crushed red pepper to taste (for me thats until my face melts off, for you that might be just a dash.) 

6. Add brown rice and toss in remaining sauce left in the pan, add a splash more of sesame oil if needed. 

7. Add in arugula and spinach and allow to wilt. Once wilted, you are ready to serve.

8. Sriracha and soy sauce always make a lovely addition to… everything. (Use tamari soy sauce for gluten free options!)


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Salsa Verde Blackbean Veggie Burgers w/Avocado Mayo

One of my all time favorite recipes although people always seem hesitant to try them. A lot of people seems to equate veggie burgers with nasty starchy boca burgers. These are such a great alternative to those, and they can be frozen and heated up whenever!

Also they can be made gluten free (withholding breadcrumbs, or using gluten free ones, and no buns) or vegan (by using veganaise). I approximated the amounts, because I throw a lot of random vegetables in there.

Ingredients: (note: you can add pretty much anything veggie wise as long as you chop it up)

1/2 cup Corn Flower
1 Can of blackbeans 
1/4 cup corn (either canned or frozen work, I prefer canned)
1/4 cup fresh spinach
1 yellow onion
1/4 chopped red bell pepper
*1/4 cup chopped mushrooms
1/2 cup panko bread crumbs
1/2 cup salsa verde 
Garlic/Garlic Powder 
1/4 cup carrots (I don’t add these but I think they were on the original recipe.) 
Buns of your choice (I like natural ovens whole wheat light ones for some  

One. Chop onion and sauté in a pan over medium heat. 

Two. Chop all the other vegetables into little chunks and set aside.

Three. While onions are sautéing put corn and can of beans in a large mixing bowl. Mash the black beans a fair amount, I like them to stay a little intact for texture. 

Four. Add mushrooms to the onions and let them get soft. Add either fresh garlic (1 clove) and allow to cook again.

Five. Add all the vegetables to your black bean/corn mixture including the now cooked mushrooms and onions. Mix them all together.

Six. Gradually add corn meal to the mixture and mix, it should be tacky by the time the cornmeal is all added in.

Seven. Add salsa verde in until the burgers are moist again.

You can now either let the mixture set until you are ready to prepare them later or proceed to cook them.

Eight. Form thin 1/4 to 1/2 inch patties. If they are too wide they have a tendency to fall apart and if they are too fat they wont cook all the way through. :’(

Nine. Over an oiled pan at medium heat cook the burgers 3-4 minutes on each side, I test them by once they are golden, poking my finger and seeing if the middle is warm. There is probably a more technical way to do that.

Ten. Put avocado mayo (recipe to follow) on bun, add a couple spinach leaves and tomatoes for ganish.


Avocado Mayo Recipe
My roommates calls this crack-cocaine because it is so insanely delicious. As previously mentioned you can use vegan mayo instead to appease your vegan friends.

1/2 Cup Mayo (I prefer olive oil mayo, because I am a freak) 
1 ripe avocado
1 clove crushed garlic

One. In a bowl, mash an avocado until it is creamy. The creamier the better so mash away.

Two. Add in mayo and garlic.

Three. Become addicted and consider eating it with a spoon.

The mayo seems to keep the avocado green for a couple days, but it stays good for about a week (if you get it to last that long). 

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Zucchini* (green & yellow)
Olive Oil
Lemon Juice
Black Olives (sliced) 

Goat Cheese (if you don’t add the goat cheese, this is vegan as well)
Pine Nuts
Balsamic Vinegar 

* If you don’t like zucchini you can use cucumber, I have done it several times and its just as good. Just make sure to stop peeling when you get to the seeds. 

**The basic recipe for this is just the top ingredients, I generally add whatever other yummy stuff I have. I usually add cherry tomatoes, but I didn’t have any :( !

One. Use a vegetable peeler to peel the skin of the zucchini. If you don’t have a veggie peeler you can use a paring knife, just don’t sue me if you cut your arm off.

Two. Once all the green has been removed from the zucchini, get a dish and continue to peel it, turning sides occasionally until it is all sliced.

Three. Add in a lemon’s worth of juice, several tablespoons of olive oil, and three to four tablespoons of balsamic vinegar to taste.

Four. Seasoning: Garlic powder, coarse salt, and pepper.

Five. Extras: I put in onions, chopped coarsley. Black sliced olives. Avocado chunks.

Six. Stir together and refrigerate, giving at least 20 minutes to meld flavors. Serve with goat cheese sprinkled on top.